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Anna Rybalchenko  | Michael Nugent Solicitors
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Anna Rybalchenko is a solicitor who has an interesting international background.

Anna was born in Russia, and she then spent part of her early childhood in France. She then moved to Ireland where she had her entire secondary school education. With this international background, Anna speaks fluent French and Russian.

Anna has a degree in Law and Accounting from the University of Limerick. After university, Anna did a “stage” with a firm of French avocats ( Zajac Echegu-Sanchez Luc) in Paris where she gained invaluable experience in the workings of the French legal system. Anna joined the firm as a legal executive in 2012, and went on through further studies to obtain her solicitor’s qualification.

Anna is primarily responsible for conveyancing and probate matters in the firm as well as taking on a wide variety of legal matters. Anna is also responsible for much of the office management and day to day administration.

In her spare time, Anna is interested in photography and the sport of bouldering. She is an annual visitor to Zambia, where she works in charitable and voluntary projects in helping to alleviate poverty.

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