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Ciara is our legal executive and office manager, with an active support role particularly in conveyancing and probate matters. 


Ciara has a first-class honours degree in Physical Education and Biology from DCU. Before coming to the law, Ciara spent several years working in various roles in Spain and the Netherlands. She then returned to Ireland in 2017 and qualified as a secondary school teacher in Dublin.

Ciara is also the Director of Education of the Irish charity, Inspire Zambia, and she has been involved in charitable work in Zambia and travelled and worked with the charity in Zambia twice since 2022.


Ciara loves to read books, socialise with friends or enjoy the great outdoors with a hike or swimming. Ciara also has played field hockey for various clubs in Ireland, Spain and The Netherlands. 


With an adventurous spirit, Ciara delights in travelling and exploring different cultures around the world.


Ciara speaks fluent Spanish.

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