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Disputes and Disagreements


Don’t let a dispute ruin your plans. 

Let us help.

Among the most stressful events in your life, can be a dispute or a disagreement with another person. Whether it is a family member, a neighbour, a commercial rival, a tenant or a business partner, the fact that you have an opponent working against you can destroy your peace of mind.


There is a way out.


We can help you and the other person to identify the issues and to find a compromise or solution. Most disputes can be sorted out with a clear and binding agreement.


If finding an agreement is not possible, then we can protect your rights through mediation or arbitration or the Courts. Ultimately, if someone is behaving unreasonably or wrongly towards you, you may have a right to sue them to resolve the issue – and in that event we will fight hard for you to get you the result that you deserve.


There is a way out. Give us a call.

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