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Litigation and Courts


Whether you wish to sue, or you are being sued, let us be by your side

Suing is sometimes the only way to sort out a problem.


No one likes having to sue, but a well put together case can often achieve what cannot be obtained any other way. If you are in the position where suing is the best option, do not be shy about it but sue zealously and comprehensively!


We have many years of experience of suing in all levels of courts, and a good track record of winning. In litigation, that is the most important factor. If you sue, you must be sure that it will be worthwhile.


Come to us with your problem and we will provide you with a careful, tactical and practical plan as to how to sue with a view to getting you the result you require.


And if you are being sued, let us represent you to ensure that your side of the dispute is properly heard. Just because you are being sued, does not mean that you are not in the right.

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