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Wills and Probate


Look after your family with a Will, or sort out the estate of someone who has died.

Writing a Will is a sensible way to provide for your family after you are gone. A well-written Will also helps to avoid confusion or dispute about who is to inherit what. It should not be too complicated to provide that your assets will go to the people you choose, on your death. Contact us to help you make that decision and to write a good Will.


We can also sort out the legal issues arising on the death of someone. When someone dies, legal steps should be taken to make sure that their property and assets go to the people who are entitled to them.

We can take care of things, right from the reading of the Will, through to making all necessary filings with the Revenue Commissioners and getting tax clearances and extracting a grant of Probate or Administration of the estate, so that bank accounts and shares and properties are released to the right people.

Although things can look complicated, we can guide you through the necessary processes to administer the estate, so as to ensure that the wishes of the person who has died, as expressed in the Will, are carried out efficiently and everyone gets what they are entitled to. We can also help to smooth the way, if there are disagreements or disputes.

In the event that there is no Will, we can make arrangements to have the estate administered on intestacy so that the assets of the person who has died will go to their closest family, in accordance with the law.

We can always advise as to the rights and entitlements of the family and next of kin and assist in having the affairs of the person who has died arranged in a tax efficient manner. Give us a call if you wish to discuss any of this.

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